Grow Yourself Grow Your Marriage


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A podcast with the goal to change the way couples show up in marriage, hosts Chris and Johnna Farrell expose their own marriage mishaps and miscommunications for the growth of others. If they haven’t been through it, these parents to four bring in other couples, individuals, and experts who have. From parenting, to communication, to sex, to finances, they leave no marital or life stone left unturned. Chris and Johnna believe you can't control anyone but yourself, so if you grow yourself (personally, spiritually, mentally, and physically) you will undoubtedly grow your marriage. About the hosts: Chris and Johnna have been married for seven years, together for nine, and have four kids five and under. Chris is a long-time fitness professional turned online entrepreneur, coach, and podcast host. Johnna is a stay-at-home mom, certified Strategic Interventionist (life coach), podcast host, and Partnerships Assistant for a large podcast network. Life is crazy, but Chris and Johnna saw what it was like to lead separate lives and go through the motions, but with a little bit of personal growth and a whole lot of Jesus, they are on a mission to thrive through every season and bring their listeners along with them.

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