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In Just Boss: The Podcast, Jacqueline Yvette serves up some mega truth and realness in the realm of entrepreneurship, personal development, branding, and marketing. Beyond the show, Just Boss is a brand and community that creates a space for daring & driven women to connect through their stories; from the hot mess to the big success and everything in between. Just Boss is about knowing that no one is you, and that is your power. Just Boss stands for bold mold-breakers who are just doing the damn thing. You can expect to hear actionable, inspiring interviews with wildly incredible bosses, value-packed solo episodes with Jacqueline, and Story Sunday episodes that feature the raw, unfiltered, free-flowing stories of Just Boss featured guests. "Jacqueline is conversational, relatable, and uplifting. If you're building a business or just shooting for some big goals, you need this podcast!!! Period! I feel like I've found my people just from listening to the bosses on this show."

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