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This week on Mental Wellness Mondays, Dan, Phil and Dr Nyarai invite Thandi Masuku who is Johnson & Johnson’s Head of Human Resources South Africa. She is the person responsible for building the People Strategy within J&J South Africa.

She joins us to discuss finding and pursuit your passion, self awareness when planning your life, her journey and how to cope with unhealthy work environments.

In her own words “I am really not into social media.” But you can read out to her on social media here


5:51 Thandiwe's journey to becoming an HR professional

9:20 Her approach to addressing issues

11:40 Is the fear of other people's perceptions holding you back?

14:01 Why she took the big leap

17:55 Steps to take when you need to find yourself overwhelmed

22:18 Why is HR Twitter always doing the most?

34:40 How to handle an unhealthy work environment

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