Guest Show: The Centurion, part 1


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When a presidential candidate is kidnapped by a deadly, tech-savvy serial killer, it's up to the Centurion to rescue him from certain doom. But is saving the extremely polarizing candidate, with plans that could economically wreck the country, the right thing to do? Narrator - Emmanuel Mendes-Chumaceiro The Centurion - Lexsy McKowen iPsycho - Chris .R. Notarile Rolland Cruise - Joseph Callari Charlie - Paul Anthony Turner Nathan - Josh Rothman Ashley - Lindsey Bean Tammy - Theresa Falco-Callari CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: A WORD FROM CHRIS For those of you unfamiliar with the BCU, the Centurion is one of my main characters of my original universe of superheroes. She's been featured in the PHANTOM FAYE webseries I made back in 2015, as well as my live action graphic novel- UNITED THEY STAND, which is available for free with Amazon Kindle. I highly recommend checking both out. I wrote this script back in 2015 for a Centurion live action series, but life got in the way and I couldn't make it happen at the time. Flash forward to now, and I finally decided to convert it to radio play format. For those of you who are getting a sense of deja vu, yeah, Rolland Cruise is based on a certain orange faced candidate who ran for president, won, and nearly destroy America. I pretty much knew the trajectory Mr. Cruise's real life counterpart was taking us in, so I immediately began writing this script (long before he got the party nomination) and just planned for the worst. I knew the second Mr. Cruise's real life counterpart announced his racist run, he was a prime candidate for the iPsycho. So making him the main obstacle for the Centurion was incredibly easy. What I love most about that character is how clever and dedicated he is. He's an incredibly formidable foe in any scenario. So it's always best to never get in his shit list.

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