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Nevada Real Estate Radio™ airs Thursdays, 3pm PST 1060 AM in Northern Nevada. Here on Soundcloud you find many of our previous shows. Learn more about our passion and team at I'm Director of Marketing at Sage International and I interview Realtors™ and real estate-related investors every week so we can talk about the current topics to consider if you're buying or selling investment real estate. Listen to the experts before you make that next big real estate decision. Attention Radio Guests: Sign-up for SoundClound (it's free) so that your interview will be posted on your own SoundCloud site. It's a great way to grow your listener base and business on the web. CLICK on the blue bar below any of my tracks to sign-up and/or leave a comment. Thank you. Mortgage Lenders Sponsor Compliance: Lew Carr, Branch Manager | NMLS ID# 258750 |Branch NMLS ID# 1042857 | Summit Funding, Inc. NMLS ID# 3199 | An Approved Equal Housing Lender

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