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There are various fundamental issues in education in India today which need to addressed in a open and honest manner. We, therefore, need to create vibrant and independent platforms where practicing educators, educational thinkers, and those with an interest in education can share views, concerns and ideas to develop a collective understanding over issues confronting education today. To begin with, we need to be answering questions such as: What is the purpose of education? What are the goals of education? What are the values they are derived from? How do we go about achieving these goals? We may also need to discuss practical issues of school practices and avenues where students can develop abilities to deal with real life situations and society at large as responsible, thinking, innovative, and reflective citizens. Some of us committed to inquiry and critical thinking in school and college education propose to take up a modest beginning of regular informal meetings to attain these goals. Every month, we plan to have a meeting initiated by a volunteer, whose role it is to give shape to the meeting. Following that, another volunteer responds to the seed thought.