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Radar Radio is an independent podcast based in L.A. Radar Radio's goal is to showcase talented and passionate aspiring artists. Artists showcased on Radar Radio have an interview with Megan Carver and have one of their songs (an original or a cover) played during the podcast. Radar Radio does not necessarily represent the views spoken by the artists in the podcasts unless otherwise stated. Besides Megan Carver (Personality and Creator), Radar Radio also consists of team members Melissa Tanaka (Talent Manager) and Britni Jeanne (Research Analyst). For more information or if you want to be on Radar Radio, you can contact Megan Carver at MeganCRadio@gmail.com or contact our talent manager at mytanaka@sbcgobal.com. Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Facebook.com/MeganCarverRadio

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