Season 3 Episode 5 | No Offence: Do We Need Architects?


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Adewole Ademolake BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS is the founder of A’Lake, A’Lake Dreaming and The Property Development Book Club. He is a qualified planning and development surveyor by night and a proud husband and father to beautifu daughters by night. Adewole’s journey started as a BTEC in Construction in 2004 managing multi-million pound mixed development schemes. Fast forward eleven years, Adewole is now the Director and founder of property development company, A’Lake. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Adewole is also an avid blogger who writes about his experiences aimed to help the younger generation He also founded a collective called the Property Development Book Club which brings together property development professionals to discuss multidisciplinary topics. In this episode, Adewole talks to us about his experience in industry and whether or not he thinks we need architects!


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