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Den bästa Just Stories podcasten vi kunde hitta (uppdaterad Januari 2020)
Den bästa Just Stories podcasten vi kunde hitta
Uppdaterad Januari 2020
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Good Books are wise counselors. They point out the right way in the devious paths of life. Have we not often stood at the juncture of two roads, the one of righteousness and the other of unfaithfulness, and was it not then that some golden little book acted the part of an opportune adviser and directed us down the highway of truth? Is there one of us who can truthfully say that good books have not been his loyal and trustworthy helpers, his vigilant guardians in life's intricate ways? This u ...
Don't you just love a crazy story? I do. Each episode of ESP covers those stories you just can't help but love. The stories that shock but are always real. They might be...true crime, survival, justice, kidnap, mayhem, madness, twisted. Sometimes the the outright weird. Always unbelievable. Join Barry as he walks you through the story he just can't get out of his head this week.
On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. Whether you’re driving with your children or just want to limit your kids’ screen time, Stories Podcast delivers entertainment that kids and parents alike will love.
Written originally for his own children, Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories have continued to delight generations of youngsters since they were first published in 1902. The thirteen stories collected in this book are meant for very young children, but they engage older kids and adults too with their charming conversational style and simple plot lines. These stories are typical examples of the “origin” story, where children are provided with imaginative rather than practical explanations for t ...
Have you ever met someone who is just full of stories? Join best selling author and Grammy, Billboard and Dove Award–winning singer-songwriter Laura Story, known for such hits as “Blessings,” “Indescribable,” and “Mighty to Save,” as she shares deeply personal stories of her life, her journey with God and finding joy no matter the circumstance. Laura and her friend Beth Bacall talk about everything from trucker food, to mistakes she’s made as a parent, to how God can use our stories, no matt ...
Telling compelling and interesting stories is what excites us. All genres are welcome here.
COMIC BOOKS! The mythic stories! The dazzling colors! The memorable, often iconic, characters! Join brothers Kevin and Will Hines — two comedians from the UCB Theatre — as they discuss the comics they have loved their whole lives! Season one dove deep on 1960s Spider-Man, and the current season is swimming in the insanely great 1960s run of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four! Don’t miss an issue (episode)!
Careers. Stories. Life.
"Screw it, Just Do it" is an entertaining weekly business podcast where Alex Chisnall chats with todays most successful entrepreneurs, as well as the most exciting startups trying to emulate them. Ted Baker Founder Ray Kelvin CBE, Innocent Founder Richard Reed, Dragons Den Star Piers Linney, NOTHS Co-Founder Holly Tucker MBE, plus US Titans Lewis Howes, John Lee Dumas, & Pat Flynn are just some of the those interviewed. Each episode features stories from entrepreneurs at different stages in ...
The Just So Stories for Little Children, first published in 1902, were written by British author Rudyard Kipling. They are a collection of fantastic stories, typically about how various animals came to be the way they are today. (Summary by Reynard with help from Wikipedia)
Just Here for the Beer is Canada's original dedicated beer radio program since 2010 and airs bi-weekly on Saturdays on TSN 1040. Hosted by broadcaster Joe Leary and co-host Rick Mohabir,‘Just Here for the Beer’ brings together the industry’s top brewers from the world of beer to tell their stories and showcase their product.
Nosy Crow is an award-winning publisher of multimedia apps as well as print books. Download our podcasts for free audio readings of our picture books as part of our innovative Stories Aloud programme.
Welcome. Texas Prison Talk. Amazing Life Changing Stories. Ex-Convict Spent time to reflect on life.
The topics can be nearly anything. Guests, if they exist, are imaginary. Feedback is encouraged at heydickface@mail.com or jcuf@mail.com. Hate mail is welcome and even thoroughly enjoyed.
The stories, first published in 1902, are fantastic accounts of how various natural phenomena came about. The original editions of Just So Stories were illustrated with woodcuts by Kipling himself. Read along online and see the illustrations at mainlesson.com. Each story is accompanied by a poem, in a somewhat ballad style. Many of the stories are addressed to "Best Beloved" (they were first written for Kipling's eldest daughter, Josephine, who had died during an outbreak of influenza in 189 ...
Random thoughts, reviews and stories from a guy who tells just the facts.
The stories, first published in 1902, are fantastic accounts of how various natural phenomena came about. The original editions of Just So Stories were illustrated with woodcuts by Kipling himself. Each story is accompanied by a poem, in a somewhat ballad style. Many of the stories are addressed to “Best Beloved” (they were first written for Kipling’s eldest daughter, Josephine, who had died during an outbreak of influenza in 1899), and throughout they use a comically elevated style inspired ...
Travel the world of sustainability with me, Phil the Fixer, through the stories of innovators in green buildings, renewable energy, permaculture, electric vehicles, and sustainable lifestyles.
Just a couple of people talking about Television and Writing
Stories of Yore and Yours is a weekly short story podcast. Host Shawn Ennis narrates classic short stories, using sound effects and music to bring them new life. The show also asks for listener submissions. Whether you’re an aspiring author or just write as a hobby, you can be a part of the show! Send your short story to syypodcast@gmail.com for consideration, and in the meantime, thanks for listening!
Join David as he discusses humorous and serious topics. From politics, the latest space tech, road safety tips, and amusing stories, you can expect just about anything in this podcast.
Classic movies, true stories of tinseltown. All about classic Hollywood#classichollywoodstars#vintagehollywood#oldhollywood
Road Junky features the kind of crazy travel stories that will leave you breathless, speechless and wondering whether you should just quit your job, grab a backpack and hit the road. We feature tales from travelers who walk the edge - and often fall off it.
Former PAC propagandist Karina Sahlin and former Obama field organizer Matt Abedi are the children of immigrants from the most feared countries in the world (Russia & Iran). They break down the biggest stories in the news in the way only two people scared of totalitarianism can.
O. Henry wrote over 600 short stories. Naturally I have my personal top 20 stories that just seem to stand out because of their form, writing style and ability to convey real personalities in a very few words. From these 20 I've chosen five that seem outstanding examples of the short story art form. Stories like The Gift of the Magi; The Cop and the Anthem; Man about Town; A Cosmopolite in a Cafe and Mammon and the Archer. So this is a collection of just five O.Henry stories that many people ...
The Just So Stories for Little Children are among Kipling's best known and loved works. This recording aims to be the first complete audio book of this title with nothing left out.The Nobel prize-winning author's enjoyment in playing with the sounds and meanings of words is very evident throughout, and adds to adults' enjoyment of these stories for children. This playfulness is also dramatically present in the plotting. For both reasons these stories been loved by generations of children and ...
"The elements of an extraordinary life, is to live the life you Imagined". Each week, the show chooses a topic and tells stories, conducts interviews, and shares insights of people who are vibrant and complex and emotionally rich.
Pop culture, sports, personal stories. Everything you didn't know you needed! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/justkidding/support
Three funny people with over 60 years of comedy experience tell you why you have it good, by talking about the experiences, news stories, and horrible jobs that make you say "Just Kill Me!"
Welcome!We are JustAnotherNumber, and these are our podcast. They consist of stories of our lives, our views on the world, and our outtake on major events! We may not mean much to the world but we're just like every one else; JustAnotherNumber.
Just conversations about short life stories and my opinion on them. Mostly about my life, but we can always add someone else's drama.
"An entertaining and thought-provoking way to address how coffee consumption affects the wider world" - Caffeine Magazine "Quality production and compassionate, well-researched presentation" - Daily Coffee News"These are untold stories, the sort you won’t find in glossy Instagram posts" - European Coffee TripJames Harper is a coffee professional and storyteller who travels the world to reveal the truth behind our morning coffees.Each episode takes over 100 hours to make and sheds a light on ...
A podcast about just how not similar to Jesus I am. Stories and opinions and discussions from me, from friends, from all sorts of people, just to understand each other in order to love them exactly as they are!
Owner of Studio 8 Academy and Scriptor Publishing Group, Kelli Watson enjoys sharing stories that inspire people. Listen in as she shares stories of incredible people who are making a difference in the world. Perhaps in listening, you will have ONE thought, be inspired by ONE idea or experience ONE moment that will change your life.
The original Deadtime Stories bringing murderous tales to life in the fashion of a modern day radio drama since June 2018. Created by writer, researcher, and true crime junkie Schuyler Fastenau.
A collection of short stories from the author of the What Katy Did series, for an audience ranging from younger to older children - and enjoyable for adults too! They vary in style - fairy tales, humorous sketches, stories of everyday life, romances, children's scrapes and practical advice - and include the Christmas story "The Pink Sweetmeat". (Summary by Loveday)
Everybody has a story. You just have to ask the right questions. These Stories is a podcast wherein each episode, a regular joe will share a story from their life.
Paul Shirley traveled the world chasing a basketball career that landed him on 17 different teams scattered across the globe. He played in Spain. He played in Greece. He played in Russia. And he played in the NBA. But Paul isn't just a basketball player; he's also a kid from a small town in Kansas--a kid searching for love just like the rest of us. In Stories I Tell On Dates, Paul tells the stories he tells his dates: vulnerable stories about middle school dances, stories about Sex Ed, and s ...
Friday Nights will never be the same, every week we will share a HOT new EROTIC story with you. Just the thing to bring your weekend alive. Whether you share this story with a friend or keep it all to yourself, I know your Friday Nights will never be the same.
37 short pieces perfect for newer recorders. These one page Stories of (mostly) Wonderful Deeds were written for Little Folk to teach them about famous incidents in their history. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Nelson and Hardy, Bruce and the Spider, David Livingston, Canute, Sir Philip Sydney, and Elizabeth and Raleigh are just some of the well known people and incidents covered in short stories. (Summary by phil chenevert)
The Bedtime Stories podcast features your humble reader, leading you through the moon-splashed vistas of seedy underbellies and swampy, eldritch, alien landscapes. Lovecraft, Chandler, Chambers, and Poe name just a few of our stewards.Should you have any suggestions for stories, or, even have stories of your own, please contact at bedtimestories666@gmail.com.
Many librarians have felt the need and expressed the desire for a select collection of children's Christmas stories in one volume. This book claims to be just that and nothing more. Each of the stories has already won the approval of thousands of children, and each is fraught with the true Christmas spirit. It is hoped that the collection will prove equally acceptable to parents, teachers, and librarians. (Summary from Book Preface)
Karan and Pallavi eternal romance, undying love then what happens ? Come fall in love with Aur Ishq Ho Gaya. Get that lemonade and pop that popcorn, Hocus - pocus you are going to be spelled by my stories. Meet that pokey Mrs. Know all, be spellbound by the girl who listens to nobody, be awestruck by the blind man creating history, jump in fear as that door creaks, gasp at the boy who ran away from home , the love story that makes you wish you were 20 again… the list just goes on and on. I g ...
We Just Got Back......like you.Three Nigerian girls share their stories about the joys (and many sorrows) of returning to Nigeria. We talk about the ups and downs of being back, how we're coping (or not) and the ridiculous things we find ourselves getting up to.
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As of the New Year, no bus fare is needed to ride the Olympia area's Intercity Transit. On Wednesday, the transit agency became the largest in the Pacific Northwest to eliminate fare collection, leapfrogging Corvallis and Missoula which did so earlier.Av Tom Banse
Part 2 It was a lot of fun talking about the end of the forties and fifties gangster flicks.He tells us how it changed in the fifties. He also told me that it could be a falsehood that Ma Barker was the mastermind of her brood. Could it be possible she was just a simple country woman that gave birth to four sons that just happened to be psychopaths…
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
Despite a push by Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a ban on so-called “assault weapons” appears unlikely to pass the Washington Legislature this year. “Just so you know, it’s not just this simple ‘hey ban assault weapons,'" Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins, a Democrat, said during a media availability with reporters on Tuesday.…
On this episode of the Just the Tip podcast, Jesse and Sara provide the ultimate how-to guide to dating apps, including choosing an app, making your profile, messaging, and more. The post Just the Tip Podcast Season 3 Episode #9: Ultimate Dating App Guide appeared first on Tinder District.Av Just the Tip: The Tinder District Podcast
In this weeks episode, I welcome Fran Boorman, founder of Goal 17 Voted the UK's top Female Business Influencer of 2019 by Global Woman. Fran is an awarding winning entrepreneur, having built a multi million pound business around her 2 young children, which became the fastest growing in its sector. Fran has gone on to support over 1000 individuals …
The impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in earnest Thursday in the Senate with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and introductory remarks.Av NPR
The longstanding tradition of stocking the Senate candy drawer takes on new importance as the impeachment trial kicks off this week — and is expected to go late into the night.Av NPR
A Seattle-area man who recently traveled to China returned infected with the coronavirus responsible for at least 300 illnesses and at least six deaths. It's the first U.S. case of the new virus.Av NPR
It's been a decade since the Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. FEC. NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Nate Persily of Stanford Law School about the decision's effect on campaign finance.Av NPR
After desperate Central American migrants clashed with Mexican police yesterday, Saury Vallecilla Ortega became separated from one of her four children — a 5-year-old she's now desperate to find.Av NPR
An American interrogator who waterboarded alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was called to the stand during a pretrial hearing at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba Tuesday.Av NPR
NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Sports Illustrated's Luis Miguel Echegaray about Mexican soccer superstar Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez joining LA Galaxy, and what this means for the U.S. league.Av NPR
The first person counted today by Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham, in the official start of the 2020 census, is the oldest woman living in Toksook Bay, a tribal village in remote Alaska.Av Anna Rose MacArthur
While President Trump has downplayed the threat of foreign interference in voting, his administration has been applauded by election officials and others for working to secure the 2020 elections.Av NPR
President Trump is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week. He boasted about the strength of the U.S. economy, but said little about the event's main focus: climate change.Av NPR
Esports is a booming business — and schools are taking note. As competitive video gaming has grown from a niche community to a mainstream industry, states are creating high school leagues.Av NPR
NPR's Alisa Chang speaks with Peter Salisbury of the International Crisis Group about last Saturday's missile attack in Yemen, which killed at least 100 people.Av NPR
How big a threat is the new coronavirus linked to a pneumonia outbreak in China? Here's what experts will need to answer that question.Av NPR
Dozens of Indians have been killed by police in weeks of nationwide protests. Most are Muslims whose families say they were singled out by forces loyal to the Hindu nationalist government.Av NPR
The Senate impeachment trial began today with arguments about the rules, and White House counsel weighed in.Av NPR
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
A gun rally in Virginia on Monday drew thousands of people and national attention. But guns were also on the agenda at the Washington state Capitol following a smaller pro-gun rally in Olympia on Friday. People on both sides of the gun control debate packed a Senate hearing room to testify on measures to restrict magazine capacity, require training…
The Archbishop Hatto II thinks he's very clever when he gathers up all the wheat and bread in Germany and charges everyone lots of money to buy it back. But what will happen when he can't ignore the calls of the hungry citizens outside of his gates? If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iT…
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
Welcome to the trailer for episode #201 with Fran Boorman, founder of Goal 17 In Wednesday's episode we discuss: The lessons business can take take from sport Surrounding yourself with high achievers Fostering a mentoring culture where people want to work Join us on Wednesday for the full episode.Av Alex Chisnall
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
Join Barry as he walks you through some crazy stories Love, sex, death murder, survival, suicide and all that lies in between. These are scary, cheeky, brutal, funny and shocking… but ultimately incredible human stories. Find ESP and get involved FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/299594217174861/ Twitter @extrasoriespod Instagram extraordina…
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
Washington state Rep. Matt Shea, a Spokane Valley Republican, has been accused of participating in an act of domestic terrorism prompting top elected officials to call on him to resign. But Friday, Shea found strong support at a gun rights rally at the state Capitol.Av Austin Jenkins
Welcome to episode 200! Today, I am going to reflect back on the last 200 episodes. A bit of a landmark - 3 years ago this month, I recorded the original episodes. I am going to reflect back on the highlights of the last 3 years. Podcasting has completely changed my life, my lifestyle for the better. I would like to take you through a journey of th…
Nicolas found himself driving to a bar last fall, even though he doesn’t drink. He wanted to make sure his friends didn’t drive drunk that night on icy Grant County roads in central Washington. Nicolas isn’t his real name. We’re protecting his identity because he’s undocumented and he worries federal immigration authorities may target him for speak…
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
More great books at LoyalBooks.comAv Rudyard Kipling
Please join Mary as she talks about the spiritual side of money. Money how your earn it,and how your spend it is a spiritual choice, one that includes God, your angels, and your soul. Mary is an international radio talk show host, author of the popular book “A Pocket Full of Prayers – A Heart Full of Hope” and a faith based intuitive. For over 25 y…
Your introduction to all things Hulk! Kevin and Will give an overview of how the Hulk comic book was created, canceled, brought back, and then seen to become one of Marvel Comics most popular characters! We briefly discuss some of the major Hulk eras, and the Hulk movies, and Will forces in a smarty pants reference to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein! --…
In this weeks episode, I welcome Sabrina Stocker, CEO of My Tennis Events. Best known for appearing on The Apprentice, she is also a successful entrepreneur. Having launched My Tennis Events in 2016 with zero capital. It has become so successful she now runs over 400 tournaments a year and has built a team which enables her to spend just 15 minutes…
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmAv Thomas Johnson
Soil is everything when it comes to repairing the Earth's ecosystems, bringing back biodiversity, cleaning our water supply, and overcoming climate change. My guest on this episode, Pete VanDyck is a bit of a soil enthusiast and makes his living… Read More Soil is EverythingAv philthefixer
A reunion podcast! With meandering conversation that lacks structure! Bold statements! Karina & Matt are back.
Sarah grows the most beautiful tulips out of all of her neighbors, and she NEVER shares her bulbs. She wants to keep all the beauty to herself! But will this strategy work forever? Tune in to find out! If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iTunes, head to patreon.com/stories and pledge to …
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