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Let’s Learn About… is a fun and definitely-not-serious podcast that teaches you about things you didn’t know you wanted to learn about. Each episode, we’ll learn about a new topic—anything from history and science to fandoms and pop culture—and then let you know where you can go if you want to learn more. It’s the ultimate podcast for nerds and geeks who love to learn something new.
Ant On

Ant On

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2016 Update: Currently discontinued... BUT I do TWO current podcasts: AB CONVERSATION on iTunes FOR COMICS SAKE on iTunes ----------- In my spin-off podcast from The AB Conversation, I take the time to talk more in detail about specific things in geek culture.
GeekSansModeration le Podcast Animé par 3 fier et pur produits des Pyrénées, ce Podcast mensuel revient sur le flux de l'actu Geek et Tech dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Il abordera différents sujets de fonds, sans pour autant aller au bout du sujet et c'est là, l'énergie du podcast... avec son dosage également Des +1 serons distribués, des jeux serons testés, des œuvres serons critiqué !!! Alors venez découvrir le podcast Made In Pyrénées, élevé à l'air pur et affiné à l'ancienne. La Geek ...
Vata is not just a Russian word for a cotton candy. It’s also one of three doshas in Ayurveda. Vata people have a gift for feeling love and expressing their feelings. They exist beyond material ideas, concepts and stereotypes of everyday life. They live in the alternative world ruled by deep cosmic love, perfection and harmony. Vata is your oasis, a sound analog of the Bounty Bar advertising with the taste of paradise from the first notes. Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, ...
Are you a nerd? Then this is the show for you! 'Nerds' can be understood to be a derogatory term, but this show is about giving a voice to those of us who are proudly 'nerdy'. 'Nauti Nerds' is a podcast for business and marketing geeks to learn and share. As a business owner or a keen marketing enthusiast it can feel lonely, especially when everyone in your space seems to be an extrovert and expert at 'attention' grabbing. This show is about taking a break from that for a moment. We want to ...
Do you like tech? Games? TV? Movies? Well DANG. We have so much in common already! Jelly and Bean are two super pals who like to talk about all of the aforementioned topics (and more, probably), resulting in a nice little peek into the world of geeks, all in the form of a delicious weekly podcast that can be shoved into your ears thanks to the magic of sound waves!
The Wingd Podcast provides stimulating, informative, rich and motivational content online for millennials and aspiring young entrepreneurs. The co-hosts and co-founders of Wingd, Zainab & David interview everyone from tech geeks, app developers, successful young entrepreneurs, social activists, inspirational young people and many more from all around the world. The aim of the podcast is to promote positive journalism and saturate the internet space with enriching and relevant content.
Our podcast aims to open a discussion about video games, anime, movie, shows, and other entertainment medias of pop culture, with the understanding of Christian faith, mental health wellness, and multicultural backgrounds. We desire to help people live a better quality, more meaningful, and greater purposeful life. Dr. KC, the founder and leader of Mighty Grace Positive Gaming, also known as Karen or Grace, lives and works in the USA as a Dr. Counselor. This is a family friendly podcast, wit ...
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As a young business owner, head 'nerd' Tom knows only too well what it's like to cope with the challenges and pressures. For this episode, he decided he needed a little help in delivering some young entrepreneurial wisdom. *WARNING - CONTAINS SOME PROFANITY** For this tenth episode, head 'nerd' Tom decided to call on his fellow nerds for some nerdy…
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