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The New World is a podcast by Aftonbladet Kultur and Institutet för Framtidsstudier. Hosted by Karin Pettersson, culture editor for Aftonbladet and Georg Diez editor in chief of The New Institute: Conversations with leading scholars and thinkers about radical new ideas and the future of democracy in an age of technological disruption and exploding inequalities.
I Arrangörspodden från Kultur i Väst möter du kulturarrangörer med olika erfarenheter, bakgrunder, arrangörsfilosofier och drivkrafter. Lyssna och lär, inspireras, förfasas och gläds! Arrangörspodden släpps en gång i månaden, med start i juni 2015. Arrangörspodden produceras av Kultur i Väst för att lyfta och synliggöra kulturarrangörernas viktiga arbete och inspirera fler att släppa lös sin inre arrangör!
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What is democracy, how has it changed over time? And is today‘s form compatible with tomorrow’s challenges? What would it mean to expand the “demos” that makes up the polis? And how to think about democracy in the time of climate emergency? Listen to activist, thinker and writer Astra Taylor in conversation with Karin Pettersson and Georg Diez.…
Is the world’s reaction to the pandemic a massive failure or something more hopeful? What will happen with the world economy when it starts to open up? How important is China’s new climate policy and how disappointed will the left be with Joe Biden? A conversation with Adam Tooze, history professor at Columbia university.…
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