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Arkiv kex

Arkiv kex

Arkiv Kex

En gång i månaden
Arkiv kex startades sent 2012 av Jonas Davidsson och Oscar Ivarsson. Tillsammans med er lyssnare ger vi oss ut på äventyr i cyberrymdens mörkaste hörn. Varje onsdag (eller oftast i all fall) blir det snack om film, aktuella händelser, teknik, spel och intressanta människoöden. Arkiv kex är en raffig podcast med identitetskris och en gravt crack-beroende. www.arkivkex.se
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With exactly one month left to the election, Radio Sweden Weekly brings you interviews with the leaders of the two biggest - and the two smallest - parties in parliament. Magdalena Andersson of the Social Democrats, Ulf Kristersson of the conservative Moderates, Per Bolund of the Green Party and Johan Pehrson of the Liberals talk about the issues t…
We catch up with volunteers at this year's Stockholm Pride that is taking place in the capital between 1-7 August. Also, an explainer of the voting procedures at the Swedish general election and how changes in taking ballot papers at polling booths could mean long queues. And is it really that difficult to find Swedish friends?Presenter: Maya Naylo…
Its nearing the end of July, but summer is far from over. Its a time of year where Swedes take advantage of the bright summer months by making up for all they cant do during the cold winters. This includes outdoor activities like kayaking, sunbathing and visiting all the beautiful beaches and lakes that Sweden has to offer.However, water safety is …
Over the past few years, almost 30,000 Indians have moved to Sweden, making them the second largest group of foreign-born immigrants in the country. Many of them have settled in big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, and have moved here for work or study reasons.And they have brought with them many things from their home country, including their…
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