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The NFL Empire Podcast

The NFL Empire Podcast

The NFL Empire Podcast

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I know what you are thinking... What are two British guys doing recording an NFL podcast? Well, thanks for asking, our names are Ed Mardon (@edmardon23) and George Murphy (@Murphy123George). We love and are absolutely addicted to the NFL, and think we know a few things about it, so we thought why not record our discussions and let you all listen to it. In the offseason you can expect to hear all sorts of weird and wonderful segments, the latest news from around the league, scouting, grading, ...
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In the third episode of the Juicy Dietz Pod, Alex and Zack give some instant reactions to their team's (Seahawks/Giants) week one performances; as well as one overreaction from week one. They then dig into their top ten rankings for the wide-open 2022 NFL draft QB class.Av Alex Jensen and Zack Dietz
In the premiere episode of Juicy Dietz, your hosts Alex and Zack delve into the philosophies they use to scout each position. They then choose one non-bonafide star player who personifies what they value at the position. They wrap up the show by selecting the positions they are most and least confident scouting and preview future content to look ou…
Duval County got themselves some players in this one. The Jags haven't had a good offseason. They needed a win, and they got one in those three days. They drafted some really nice players to start the complete rebuild they need. Next year hopefully they're able to grab their franchise QB and really turn the franchise back around to what they were l…
The New England Patriots are unlike any other franchise in the NFL, and in sports in general. Year after year it seems they overdraft random players and continue their dynasty no matter the bad draft grades. Can they continue that now with the AFC East ono the up and up, and without Tom Brady?Av
Are.... are we giving the Chiefs a pass on a poor draft because they're the defending Super Bowl Champs? You're dang right we are, and that's okay. F it, have some fun. Draft a running back at 32 when you NEED a corner. Draft a linebacker when you NEED a corner. Draft ANOTHER offensive tackle when you have 75 on the roster already. They'll still ha…
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