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Leaving Sweden

Leaving Sweden

Matilda & Josefin

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Leaving Sweden - a podcast about two Swedes who decided to leave Sweden. Matilda in Los Angeles, USA, and Josefin in Seoul, South Korea. Get in touch with us and stay up to date with our lives on instagram: Leaving Sweden Instagram page: @leaving_sweden Matilda's Instagram: @matildaeliassonf Josefin's Instagram: @erlandssonjosefin
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In this episode we answer a listener question about Swedish traditions! We also talk about how we have and have not stuck to them since moving abroad, and how we have incorporated the traditions of the countries we currently live in, into our lives! If you have a question for us that you would like us to answer, or a topic you would like for us to …
In this episode we chat about the type of expectations we went in with in our travels, time studying abroad and when making friends. Our conversations usually go off on tangents and today’s was no exception. As much as we enjoy meeting new people we do also find ourselves content with our current situations of - having no friends! Find us on Instag…
Learning a new language - or struggling to do so is often part of the package when moving to a different country! Which is why we decided to make this this week's topic! Find out more about our language learning journeys. We discuss what works and what doesn't and Josefin puts her linguistics degree to use and explains why rote memorization of gram…
In this episode we talk about how we finance our studies abroad and our hardships as broke af international students. In the second half of this week's podcast we do a little story time on our experiences with immigration and discover how different the processes are depending on the country. Find us on Instagram @leaving_sweden Music Higher Kiss - …
In this episode we discuss leaving your comfort zone in order to pursue your dreams. Whether that dream may be embroidery or going abroad, whether your are 20 or 50, it's just as scary, but also just as important to just start. Of course it's easier said than done. An inspirational episode on venturing into the unknown. We demystify the process of …
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