Ask Women #82 - How To Get Girls "Out Of Your League"


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Ever seen a hot girl from across the room and told yourself "she looks like such a bitch, she'd never go for me?" Well, you're dead wrong! Hot mean girls love nice guys. Don't believe us? Then listen to this week's guest, Courtney Robertson. The former model and Bachelor Show contestant tells Marni and Kristen that even though she is a bad girl who doesn't hesitate to tear through any woman who dares get in her way, she's helpless when it comes to a nice guy with some major game. Courtney reveals the simple steps any man can take to make her a love slave. No matter what you look like, or how much cash you have in your bank account. It's all about being a nice guy and having game. So sit back and take notes as this villainy vixen teaches you how to melt the icy heart of even the "Hottest Bitch."

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