E-Commerce Product Design - Working with an Industrial Designer


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Ecommerce is a constantly changing landscape. Learning the basics of product design can help you keep up with the latest trends and techniques. Getting a custom design is one of the most exciting opportunities in ecommerce. The biggest reason is making a differentiated product. Plus it’s more creative. Timestamps for Podcast [02:24:59] Why Go Custom Product? [03:27:88] Isn't It Too Expensive? [06:10:26] Which is the Hardest Part of the Process? Isn't it Manufacturing? [06:38:98] Innovate within Your Space and Create Excitement [07:14:43] Getting Focus Group Feedback [13:32:04] From Product Design To Manufacturing [14:51:22] Industrial Designer or Product Design? [19:28:66] A Good Industrial Designer About our Guests- Jason Byer and Crowd Spring Are the 99 Designs of e-commerce with two tweaks. Firstly, they have a very highly selected set of designers. Secondly, their designers include industrial designers (aka product designers). Get Your Free Custom Brand Report Here ! Get a $35 Off Your First Product Here : Get It Here ! Why Custom Products are Worth While Custom products are worth the cost because of their profitability, uniqueness and usefulness. They can also be more fun for you and your customers. When you work with an industrial designer, they can help you solve a specific problem or create something that is uniquely suited to your customer’s needs. What's the difference between an e-commerce industrial designer and an e-commerce product designer? Who is an industrial designer? Industrial designers are the ones who are responsible for the look and feel of your product. They specialize in developing products that have an emotional connection with people — they create experiences, not just objects. While their work includes technical aspects, it also involves creating positive emotions, like joy or nostalgia. What's the Difference Between an e-commerce Industrial Designer and a Product Designer? The main difference between these two roles is their focus: An e-commerce industrial designer focuses on how products will look online. An e-commerce product designer usually creates physical objects that you can touch, see, or feel in person (like furniture). Creating industrial design with great utility. Your first goal should be to define the problem. Don't start with a solution. A great industrial designer will ask you questions and get you thinking about why you are doing what you're doing and how it affects people's lives. I don't know anyone who would happily use a product they hate, so if the answer is "because that's what we do," then that's not good enough! You need to think about how your product fits into people's lives, what their goals are when interacting with it, how it can improve those interactions for them (and for other people who interact with them as well). There are two things here: 1) have an idea of what kind of person is going to use this thing; 2) know where they're coming from in terms of their experiences using other products before this one—what was okay? What wasn't? How could some of those things be changed? That sounds like a lot--but really all those questions boil down into one thing: make sure users have an experience worth investing time into! Finding the best form for your e-commerce product. When it comes to e-commerce products, form is everything. It's tempting to think of form as something that just "looks nice," but in the world of industrial design and product development, form and function are inseparable. If a product doesn't do what it's supposed to do (like make coffee), then any attention paid to its appearance is wasted effort—or worse, it may even hinder its performance. So what makes good product form? Products with good form are ones that work well, and they look good while doing so. A classic example of this is the iMac computer: not only does the product fulfil its primary function (computing),

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