From Crackhead to Sober Sales GOAT with Eric Cline | Episode 183


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Success is the mark of a hardworking individual. Everyone can be successful; it doesn’t matter how far you have fallen or how bad your situation is. The lowest of the low can, with enough dedication and hard work, rise to become the highest of the high.

In this week’s episode, Kale and Trevor introduce Eric Cline, a successful entrepreneur and experienced salesman. Eric is one of many who were the lowest of the low and is now at his personal high and rising. Eric recounts his early years, where drug and alcohol abuse led to dark and miserable times.

From the day where Eric decided to leave that all behind, to rising in success, Eric dives into his mentality and how he overcame the setbacks and challenges he encountered on his rise to success. From being a crackhead to being the GOAT in sales, Eric has insight that you will not want to miss!

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