#10905 Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin


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Questions Covered: 04:17 – In Gen 46-48, it says Abraham, Jacob, Isaac died in their hundreds. The calculate it by multiplying numbers. Example (5x5x7, 6x6x5, etc.). Is there a specific meaning behind that? 11:15 – Does the bible say which form of government is ideal? 19:20 – Why is it rare that passion narrative pieces are read throughout the year in Mass? 21:34 – Is there a bible passage that clarifies either the Nicene creed and apostles’ creed statement “conceived by the Holy Spirit” or “incarnate of the Holy Spirit?” 29:15 – Maccabees say that it’s good to pray for the dead. What good did it do at that time if Jesus hadn’t opened the gates of heaven yet? 35:04 – What was Luther’s theological foundation for breaking away from the Church? 44:50 – What is the legitimacy of the 3 vocations and is being single a vocation? 52:04 – Why would Abraham and Isaac go to other kingdoms and claim that their wives were their sisters? …

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