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Questions Covered: 06:46 – Is the newest booster vaccine approved by the Catholic Church? 11:40 – Why are the gospels named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John if they weren’t necessarily written by those men? 19:05 – In Tobias in the Douay–Rheims I find a story about a dog and the angels. I don’t find that story in any other translation. Why is that? 34:44 – Is Mt. 28:19 a directive for everyone or just priests? 41:16 – I know we are required to forgive whether they want forgiveness, but we must want to be forgiven for God to forgive us. Why is that? 47:48 – Why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene not to touch him but told Thomas to touch his wounds? 51:28 – Can a priest perform their priestly duties without a stole? Where is the stole in the bible? …

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