136: How to Leverage Buyer Job Movements to Win More Deals


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When attempting to close more deals, it's common for business leaders to focus on making new connections and building brand awareness with prospective customers.

While this is an important step in accelerating sales, they often forget to leverage their existing business relationships and personal contacts. After all, a previously loyal customer moving jobs is a great trigger to engage in a sales conversation.

It's also all too common for companies to fail in effectively keeping track of the aforementioned contacts, or to simply forget to nurture the relationship and keep in contact consistently.

Leveraging buyer job movements can drastically help to increase closing rates and boost revenue growth, so it’s well worth sustaining and strengthening network connections.

To help with this, our host Aurelien Mottier (Co-Founder and CEO, Operatix ) sat down with Christian Kletzl (CEO at UserGems). They discuss best practices for leveraging both current relationships and buyer movements to win more deals, as well as interesting statistics that prove its importance.

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