EP95 by Braeburn: Summertime games with MS Teams


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This is the link to the Brainstorm Infographic used in the podcast, and at the end of the page is the link to buy a bottle of the great whisky we taste in this podcast, sponsored by Braeburn Whisky.

BrainStorm - 33 Ways To Unlock More Software Value.

Steve and Marijn took this sheet and pulled numbers from a bag to select random values to apply to the Values sheet provided by Brainstorm Inc.

Use Polls: Marijn immediately thinks Dancing Poles and Steve reminds every one of their brilliant ideas to create a Gentlemen’s Club together mode image.

Microsoft have just released a new update to make it easier for polls to be included in meetings.

Build Activities: Steve Takes this as an opportunity to consider gamification and the various performance scores available from Microsoft. They are all activity-based actions that generate indications that the tools are being used and actions are being taken by

Explain Why the Change: Reference is made to the SouthCoast Summit where Steve and Marijn will be running a workshop at this event on Saturday 15th October

Bring in an Expert: Bring in an Expert or call a friend was referenced and Steve has an opportunity to make his favourite Experts quote (listen to check it out) These people bring in their experience and ability to lead but Steve turns this around a little by saying for a M365 Project The Business are the experts!

Be available for Help: Being available is possibly the best way to add value to the business. Steve asks Marijn how he ensures people have access to the resources that deliver success. A single point of contact is crucial for value which can be an email address or a SharePoint site or regular AMA sessions.

Learn what your users need: Understand the User stories from a deep dive into the business getting to the coal face and describing what the users want to have delivered that will deliver value. Marijn described an approach used previous with a Mnemonic based on a Spy, in Dutch.

Finally, Marijn points out that the value is what the user NEEDS not what IT thinks they want!

Digitize Training: Marijn talks about learning pathways and Steve points out that the same courses are available in Viva Learning, so they are available in SharePoint and in MS Teams…

Steve shares a few nuggets from Viva Learning and Marijn gets distracted by a ringing phone and cuts off the girlfriend… but I am a witness we are recording.

Gather Feedback: It does not matter what the feedback is, just continue to get feedback. Steve suggests that you should kick off as early as possible with a poll before your awareness campaign kicks off to confirm

Personalise your Training: This about sing the Audience features to suggest training across the business. Think about the matrix of Role v Skills so that Managers do not need to know how to create a page, but it would be good for them to understand how audiences work. However, both need to understand pages and how they work.

Custom videos or page instructions for the ‘feel’ of the company so that they have customise training branded for the company that feels a little special.

Our Sponsor Braeburn Whisky is described and of course Steve and Marijn have invested with Braeburn with 3 barrels between them already to do some cool things with 😊

Braeburn provided a 14 year old whisky from the Loch Lomond for us to taste which was truly great peated whisky available from their web site Hill Climb 14 Bottle - Cask 88 not many bottle left.

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