Get Control of Your UNCONCIOUS MIND, Change Your Behavior and MASTER Your Emotions | Leonard Mlodinow


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Given the stress of the global environment we are living through. Daily threats to our finances, freedom, and relationships, people are living on edge and tensions are high. Outburst at home during family time slips more often and road rage is becoming common behavior. Tensions are high and with that comes heightened emotional responses.
Leonard Mlodinow is an American physicist, screenplay writer, and a five time NY Times best selling author. He and Tom discuss the context of being emotional and understanding how feelings shape our thoughts and our actions from his latest book, Emotional, How Feeling Shape Our Thinking. Leonard reveals the importance of knowing your emotional tendencies, how to regulate your emotions and make conscious decisions for a better emotional response. If you’ve ever thought people were either emotional thinkers or rational, this conversation is going to open your mind to a much bigger picture.
Check out Leonard Mlodinow’s book, Emotional, How Feeling Shape Our Thinking:
0:00 | Introduction to Leonard Mlodinow
1:45 | Emotions and Rational Thought
11:03 | Emotional Reactions
19:25 | Emotional Northstar
32:11 | Mind Body Connection to Emotion
42:03 | Emotional Tendencies & Malleability
46:44 | Wanting Things Vs. Liking Things
59:39 | Free Will and Determination
“Emotions go hand and hand with rational thinking. There is no rational thinking without emotion. If you think at any point, ‘I’m thinking purely objectively and rationally without any emotion's, you're just wrong.” [3:54]
“Every thought that you have is influenced by your emotions.” [6:35]
“Each emotion is a state of calculation.” [14:09]
“If you don’t want to feel that anger there’s something you can do about it. That anger comes from an appraisal, [...] to reappraise it, you tell yourself a different story.” [17:59]
“You want to look for an interpretation of what happened that is both true and optimistic.” Tom Bilyeu [32:53]
“Liking is a little less direct than wanting. Liking makes you want, makes you do it. Wanting makes you do it directly.” [50:21]
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