The Breaking (Campaign Introduction) | The Heralds Of Wayinar


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The Edwed wept when the world broke​. They cried out for salvation, begging the Ancients to save them from the catastrophe of Shadzog, God of the Earth, destruction and rebirth—the reckoning that had come to Gregoor-Sheav. The Heralds of Wayinar rose to answer their cries. Wielding the power of the Ancients, they cast down Shadzog​, piercing its shadow with their light and ending the world's pain. But at great cost.
Gregoor-Sheav sleeps now. The Heralds have vanished into the mists of time. The old races have retreated, forced into isolation. Glittering cities rise from the ashes of the old world. Knowledge, intrigue, power, and yes, corruption have returned to fester in the hearts of the Edwed. And with old hatreds come old fears, a shadowy feeling that this world is teetering on a knife’s edge. Those who watch for signs and read the turning of the wind know the world will break again.
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