Alasdair Allan - Tweed Rins Tae the Ocean


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For the latest podcast Ali spoke to MSP and writer Alasdair Allan about his book 'Tweed Rins Tae the Ocean', which follows Alasdair and friends as they walk along the Scottish Borders from east coast to west. Along the way we not only learn about the places and people they encounter, but also about the rich history, literature, and language of these often debated lands.

So much more than just another travelogue, Allan's knowledge and research lifts the book to another level giving an insightful and often surprising picture of a part of Scotland which is too often consigned to the past. Alasdair Allan has managed to keep the mystery and mythology of the Borders while bringing the reader right up to date, and it was a real pleasure to be able to talk to him about the book and what inspired it.

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