The Great British Bakeoff Plot with Nick Casalini


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It's that time of year that makes you want to pop a tray of cookies in the oven, snuggle under some blankets, and snort a few lines of nutmeg. Just kidding please don't do that!! On this episode we're learning all about how one quaint British tv programme is the instigator of a devious plot to get us all high on a common household spice. Nick Casalini (of the delightful Muriel's Murders) is here to explain the shocking links between the Great British Baking Show, and the compound in nutmeg that gets people gonged as hell (and also makes them poop and pass out). He suspects GBBO may just be a delivery system for a drug that will keep us all complacent and distracted while the Global Elites rob us blind. And along the way we'll hear about the history of the spice trade, 'modern slavery', and Nick's absolutely bonkers nutmeg experience. Cozy!

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