90 Second Pitch To Get Hitched With Relationship Coach Louis Morris


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This week's guest is Louis Morris, he's the host of The Heart Matters podcast; he's also a relationship coach who is lovingly known as "Les Brown of Relationships." Attention all singles, did you know that finding love on Clubhouse is a thing? Well, it is! It's a real thing, and in this episode, Louis will share how he found love on Clubhouse and how you can too! In fact, Louis and I feel so strongly about helping others find love on Clubhouse that we've even created a Club together called the 90 Second Pitch To Get Hitched, which we host on Monday and Wednesday at 4 PM (EST) on Clubhouse. Louis shares his expertise about relationships, love and how to find the right person to compliment your life. He'll also teach us how to get our relationship groove back through spirituality, love, intimacy, and trust.
After pursuing his certification as a life coach in 2018, Louis turned his passion for helping people with intimate heart matters into a career. Louis's mission is to help others who want to work through their relationship issues. He also assists singles who have been through a divorce, break-up, lost their companion, or struggled with past relationship issues. He supports his clients by helping them address their relationship issues from the inside out.
Kerry Brett and Louis Morris make the announcement of the new club, 90 Second Pitch To Get Hitched on Clubhouse, and how excited they are to bring others together giving them an opportunity to find love. They also share what they've learned from all of the 90 Second Pitch's while offering advice about how to stand out and make a memorable impact.

Along with coaching, Louis is a published author, writes a weekly blog, has a branded Amazon shop, and hosts his podcast The Heart Matters, which offers relationship tips and advice and exciting interviews with smart and driven guests. To find out more about Louis go to louismorriscoaching.com, listen to his podcast The Heart Matters or follow on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching.

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