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Matt is motivated and you will be too after listening to today’s show featuring interviews with NFL legend and former Strikeforce Heavyweight Herschel Walker and UFC Lightweight Michael Chandler!

First, Jim and Matt speak with Herschel Walker.

Herschel details the differences between winning an NFL game and a mixed martial arts fight, how ballet and dance helped his game on the field and on the mats, how being bullied as a kid inspired him to take up Tae Kwon Do, his martial arts journey from childhood to fighting while in college at the University of Georgia to his fights as a professional MMA fighter after his NFL career, and much more… including his very interesting sleep and eating habits?!?

Then, our pal Michael Chandler joins the show before his showdown with Justin Gaethje at UFC 268 on November 6 at Madison Square Garden. He shares his thoughts on Gaethje being the 'craziest' opponent he's ever faced, how similar he and Gaethje are, his thoughts and process on overcoming loss and much more including family, finance and what motivates him.

Jim and Matt close the show with their reaction to Marvin Vettori's dominant victory over Paulo Costa, and some of their other favorite performances from Saturday's UFC Fight Night: Costa vs Vettori card.

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