QPR, Francois' Contract, Rutzler Revealed


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The second international break of the season has come to an end, and we return to action with a West London derby, as QPR make the short hop to Craven Cottage. We discuss the threat Mark Warburton's side will pose, and what side we expect Marco Silva to go with.

Also, we have a quick round-up of the international break, as Antonee Robinson and Bobby Decordova-Reid's late matches potentially rule them out of this weekend's game

In part two, we discuss the news that Tyrese Francois has rejected a contract at Fulham. We ask whether there is enough of a pathway for our youngsters, and whether Fulham's academy should be judged on how many players actually become first-team players.

Finally, we answer your questions, some serious, but mostly silly. It's a debut for a new segment which we've named 'Rutzler Revealed'. It's award-winning stuff.

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