Andrew Hoag, Founder & CEO of Teampay | Episode 115


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Andrew Hoag, Founder and CEO of Teampay is our special guest this week on episode 115 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and I’m your host Greg Myers.

Andrew grew up in North Dakota, went to a small liberal arts college near Minneapolis and then move to Silicon Valley. He is currently based in New York where he started Teampay in late 2016.

Finance teams today are still using 20-year-old technology in many cases, so Teampay started with the idea of how they can help companies control and manage access to their bank account across all their employees.

In modern companies today, every employee makes a purchasing decisions and Teampay is a solution that helps enforced the company’s policies, helps them stay in compliance and provides visibility across the organization.

Andrew talks about blockchain and smart contracts and how they might be used in this space in the future. He also has some great advice for those just starting in our industry.

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