Finally game music #148 – Beard blade with Steven Melin


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The first composer episode in quite some time, but I’m happy we were able to do this one and it was a blast. This time we talked to the composer Steven Melin during his livestream show ”Composers show” on YouTube about his latest OST release for the game Beard blade.
For people who are interested in viewing my first livesent interview, then there’s a possibility to do so (Links in the main post)

With that said I welcome you all to this week of Finally game music!

Music in the episode:

Intro background: Title screen

    1. Shallot Shipyard Day
    2. Caraway Bay Night
    3. Enemy Territory
    4. Behind the Screen
    5. Orzo’s Oasis


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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström
Steven Melin

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