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This week: new albums from Red Fang, Greentea Peng and SAULT.
Also: shouts to Sludge II, feeling like 1992, this is fine, whisky misters, unobjectionable content, violent cuisine, day-after triphop, mushroom records, on a heater, chemistry experiments, post-credits sequences, punishing Seppos, Rachel gets racial, not you Mike Skinner, if you can’t be good, inventing time travel, Ronin 1 Liverpool 0, dudes who think they’re Prince, ROFLcopter, presidential erasure, how to identify different members of ZZ Top from very far away, and loser talk.

Next week: new albums from U.N.K.L.E. and Ayron Jones, and a 1983 classic in the form of ZZ Top’s Eliminator (RIP Dusty Hill).
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