BALLS.297 Thrusting in the direction of the problem


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This week: the NBA draft, Russ to the Lakers, Simmons to... somewhere?, thrusting coaches, waltzing Matildas and inoffensive Boomers. Also: Pushing dominoes, Simmons trade destinations, centres and running backs, draft what now, Perksploitation, picking for resale value, do OKC ever plan to build a winning team ever again, getting away with it (all messed up), overvaluing top three picks, can the Knicks be trusted with cap space, full of fourth options, walking into Memphis, various biases, Shams v Woj, the depths of Ipswich, a bunch of countries, #NeverTweet, deathriding the USWNT, app with a capital Cr, Twitter stream spoilers, FIBA > NBA, the Boomers are cooked, SLO jams, weightlifting kinks, running for the bus, Vieirable success, comedy news panel shows, hole-istic approaches, Gladtobeback, weird thrusting men, punishing bigfoot thinkpieces and England’s going home. BALLS and tripping balls are available on their own RSS feeds, as well as being found together on Omny Studio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts (feel free to subscribe, rate and review) - and we welcome your reckons via Twitter, Facebook and email.

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