Truth Wanted 04.28 07-23-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Derek Lambert


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Bzzzt. Krrrrzztztz. *static* False start! Five yard penalty! On today’s exciting episode of Truth Wanted, Objectively Dan is joined by Derek Lambert, creator and host of the MythVision Podcast! Derek is a former Calvanist who used to upload sermons on YouTube. He shares his story with Dan to open up the show. Welcome, Derek! We can’t wait to see how you handle these truth claims. First up in the calls is Mauricio, who is also the first person to call Truth Wanted from Venezuela! Thanks for calling! Mauricio is wondering whether acupuncture is actually affecting a person’s medical health, or if it maybe just makes them feel better. Dan shares his views on acupuncture and they are quite similar to his views on chiropractors as well. Derek Next up is Alex in NY, who is calling to pitch his ghost hunting show idea! Instead of the normal format (where people already believe in ghosts and set out to prove their own conclusions), Alex thinks they should set out to prove whatever is true without assuming anything. We think that’s quite a concept, but unfortunately, discovering the cause of a supernatural claim is actually mundane is rather… mundane. Thanks for the idea, Alex! We’ll see what we can do. Matt in Maryland calls in next to talk about UAPs/UFOs! He is curious if Dan and Derek think that UAPs demonstrate advanced technology! This subject certainly needs more research, let us know what you think in the comments! Our next caller, Erik, wants to talk about how to prevent people from using fake medicine. Acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, chakra manipulation, and tarot readings for medical advice… all of it is harmful! We think this is a very important topic, thank you for calling, Erik. Next up, Tony calls in from Mexico to discuss COVID conspiracy theories. This is a very tough topic, especially when it hits close to home. Hang in there, folks! Lastly, Oliver calls in from England to, well, make Dan’s day! This call is a must-listen. Well that wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our guest, Derek Lambert from the MythVision podcast. Remember to always keep wanting the truth. See you next week!

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