How To Have A Breakthrough In Dating And Business With Master Photographer Jeff Lubin


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This week's guest is Jeff Lubin; he's a nationally known Master Photographer, keynote speaker, a leader in the business and photography world, and an expert in sales. He's also owned one of the most successful studios in the country for over 38 years. Jeff is my mentor and the reason I had my online dating breakthrough. He's also given me some of the best advice in my life. In this episode, we discuss the ways relationships are just like running a business. There are many similarities, like the importance of your brand, your value, networking, connections, down to supply and demand. We also discuss unwritten rules, navigating the highs and lows, and why we should remain confident in our abilities.

Jeff Lubin began with humble beginnings in a small studio with a window and a neon sign to becoming the leading portrait photographer in the Washington, D.C. area for nearly four decades. Some of his clients include Lynda Carter, Cal Ripken, Robert & Sheila Johnson, and Larry King. In 2017, The Lubin Studio was commissioned to create seven paintings to adorn the United States Court of Appeals for The Armed Forces work, which will display throughout history.
Jeff's style has won him many national and state awards. He earned the coveted Master of Photography Degree from Professional Photographers of American in 1992, after only three years of competition. The following year, he received his Craftsman Degree. Jeff's work has been featured in several issues of Rangefinder Magazine and The Professional Photographer. He has also published over 100 articles in photography. He's been a renowned keynote speaker at national and state conventions all over the globe. Jeff's style is one of the most emulated in the photography industry over the last quarter-century.

Kerry Brett and Jeff Lubin cover a lot of ground, from photography, building a brand and successful business, to starting over with online dating. Topics include:
How to create a household name brand.
How to be relentless in your pursuit to the top.
How to stand out in a crowd and be memorable.
Why if you be your true authentic self, you will be more likable and relatable.
Often people don't give themselves a chance or realize what makes them different or special is the very thing that will make them stand out in business or on these dating apps.
Why true growth comes from the experiences you have and things not working out.
Why having a never quit mentality is the reason behind an entrepreneur's success.
Why limiting beliefs keep us stuck in our current situation, either staying in a job that makes you unhappy or in the area of our love lives.
You are what you think and how thoughts expand.
If you can change your thinking you can change your reality.
What you resist persists, and if you are doing the same patterns repeatedly and things are working, that is the definition of insanity.
To find out more about Jeff Lubin go to or join 10,000 photographers ib his Facebook group Jeff Lubin's Portrait and Business Tip of the Day and on Instagram @j_lubin. Follow Jeff Lubin and ring his bell on clubhouse.

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