Interview with Lyndsay Butler


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Lyndsay Butler is a proud seventh generation Southern Albertan, deeply ingrained in the western lifestyle. She shares her historic heritage through her traditional western, outlaw and southern rock songs. Her influences include Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Miranda Lambert, Cord Lund and Colter Wall. "I'm an advocate for the Canadian Western way of life," says Lyndsay. "It's authentic to me, it's who I am. I grew up in the prairies and have continued to embed myself into that western feeling. I write songs from my heart and from my grass rooted life experiences." Lyndsay was a Top 12 participant in Alberta’s Project WILD in (2019). She's released two songs to streaming services and Canadian Radio, 'I'll Drive The Truck' (2017) and 'Gravel Road' (2015). She won Global Country Star Search in (2014), was crowned The Calgary Stampede Nashville North Star (2013) and named Ranchman’s Rising Star (2012). She has opened for:Corb Lund, George Canyon, Aaron Pritchett, Bobby Wills and Meghan Patrick. Her new single is "Prairie Settler Song" available everywhere now from her upcoming album Prairie Rose.

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