EA Motive Is Reportedly Reviving Dead Space


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First and foremost, a big thank to Karak for being an excellent host for Defining Duke. We will miss his commentary, jokes, and analysis on the latest in Xbox. With that in mind, Defining Duke will soon be bringing a new host on board that we will announce soon. Onto the news! Xbox has touted the cloud for years and now they're making big hirings and one in particular is for Hideo Kojima to help him make something for Xbox. The prospect of Xbox extracting one of the dominant players in the PlayStation space certainly is tantalizing and it looks like they plan to make big moves to ensure it goes according to their desires. Aside from that, EA is looking to resurrect (HA!) Dead Space! Hailing from EA Motive, it is reportedly a re-imagining and not a direct sequel. What does this mean for the survival horror franchise and EA's approach to reviving old franchises? More pressing, what are our thoughts on the nature of leaks full on spoiling big reveals? Matty and Ben team up to tackle this and much more!

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