Teachers nationwide protest Laws restricting lessons on Racism; Medgar Evers


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Thousands of Teachers across the country protested Laws restricting lessons on Racism on The National Day of Action (June 12th); Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers was assassinated, June 12th, 1963; 7 Things you should know about Medgar; What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is Emancipation Day NOT Independence Day. – TheAHNShow with Michael Imhotep 6-14-21 Support The African History Network through Cash App @ https://cash.app/$TheAHNShow or PayPal @ TheAHNShow@gmail.com or http://www.PayPal.me/TheAHNShow or visit http://www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and click on the yellow “Donate” button. REGISTER HERE: https://theahn.learnworlds.com/course/ancient-kemet-moors-transatlantic-slave-trade-april2021 Did you miss CLASS on Sat. 6-12-21, 12:00pm EST (LIVE Online Course) with Guest Speaker, Dr. David Imhotep author of “The First Americans Were Africans Documented Evidence”? ‘Ancient Kemet (Egypt), The Moor & The Maafa: Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade What They Didn’t Teach You In School’? – (10 WEEK, 20 HR Online Class with Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show) Registration $60 (WATCH the CLASS AND CONTENT ON DEMAND NOW) WATCH IT NOW when your Register.

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