Chrome OS 91 arrives and a foldable Pixel is coming


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we begin the show by covering down on all the new features available in Chrome and Chrome OS 91. Between updates to the V8 JavaScript engine - dubbed Sparkplug - and the arrival of Nearby Share, version 91 of Chrome OS is a nice, incremental update that should improve performance across the board and provide a new, useful way for files to be shared across Google's growing line of Android and Chrome OS hardware.

For the second half of the show, we focus in on reports surrounding the upcoming - and mysterious - Pixel Fold. As it turns out, Samsung is now supplying Google with not only foldable OLED screens, but also the ultra-thin glass it uses in the manufacturing of devices like the Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Fold phones. There are no additional details for now on what Google is planning or when we could see a folding Pixel, but this new news is definitely great fodder for discussion.


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