A League & Champions League review, losing minds at football, Erik Paartalu from India


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Adam Peacock and James Dodd chat all things football, including a thorough review of the A League and a look back at how Manchester City and Chelsea set up an all-English Champions League Final.

From the A League, the Wednesday games are discussed, along with Jamie Maclaren's century, we touch on the Sydney Derby, whether VAR will remain in the brave new world of clubs running the league and Tony Popovic's retention techniques.

And in light of PSG losing their rag against Man City, we read out your favourite stories of people, players, managers or whoever losing their minds at football.

Plus there's a special chat with Erik Paartalu, who is unfortunately stuck in an Indian hotel room, only allowed out to train and play. Also, we chat to Erik about his memories of the great Brisbane Roar side of 2011. A decade ago!!!!


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