Radio Cyklopen #7: Water is Life


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In our first episode mainly in English, we start by moving through the seven seas. We listen to borders and crossings, a poem in different languages and spot the traces of a magical snail in Hawai’i. What does the bodies of water sound like? Who are the ones struggling to keep the rivers free-flowing? We turn our ears to water protectors, allies who fight the machines that tear up the earth. When our journey around the hemispheres finally makes a full circle, we end up in Högdalen – the Incorporated City that never sleeps, where twelve talking dolls help us explore the power relations between the human and the non-human.

featuring: akcg (anna kindgren + carina gunnars), alma midžić, black quantum futurism, extinction room, here there be dragons, iva marković & žaklina živković, keylot, linus hillborg, maxida märak, merit hemmingson, moses, nyxxx, roger robinson, the bridge radio

poster: axel gagge

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