Special: Andy Bernal, Riding Shotgun


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In this special interview Adam Peacock chats to former Socceroo Andy Bernal about his amazing story.

Bernal’s book “Riding Shotgun” is out now and it chronicles Andy’s rise from a son of Spanish immigrants in Canberra to the world stage - on and off the pitch.

He was the first Australian to be signed by a Spanish top flight club and from there he played in England either side of some wild times in the NSL. Then he retired and, well, that’s where the story really takes off.

Bernal was David Beckham’s right-hand man when he signed for Real Madrid at the height of the Galacticos era, before Beckham changed management, sending Bernal into a drug-induced spiral that he was fortunate to escape from.

Now happy, and ready to tell his story, Bernal’s life is one hell of a ride.

And a disclaimer, this chat does include drug references, and the odd swear word.

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