Skrikpodden meets... Magge Traumer of Dead Like Juliet


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Today is a very special episode of Skrikpodden, or as you would say in English: The Scream Pod. It’s special because A: This is the first time we actually invite someone for an interview that is all in English. Yes, we did do a backstage interview with WSTR, but this is something else, and for us, it was obvious that band had to be Dead Like Juliet. B: During this time of crisis our world is facing, Italy has been the place to have suffered the consequences of the Covid-19 virus the hardest. Dead Like Juliet is a band who hail from the northern parts of Italy, and the guys are therefore unable to leave their house, let alone touring, which made this interview we did on march 21 so relevant.

Even though this is a serious matter, Emil and Magge are still friends who loves to goof off, and thus this conversation is pretty lighthearted. We hope you will enjoy this, and PLEASE, support Dead Like Juliet in these trying times by purchasing their merch and CDs.

Lots of love Emil & Joe from The Swedish Scream Pod.

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