EP 107. How to Tune into Your Internal Guidance System


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Joining me today is Eilat Aviram. She is a sought-after clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, energy-healing teacher and best-selling author who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-four years. During this time, she’s discovered that each of us has a unique, built-in guidance system that constantly offers directions to our most joyful and satisfying life. We just have to learn how to use it. Many people feel trapped by choices they keep making that make them feel bad or ashamed - but they just can't seem to stop doing it or can't change their situation. In this podcast Eilat will teach her simple, powerful method to tune into your internal guidance system – which she calls ‘your Truth’ - so that you can finally know how to make choices that feel both good and satisfying to you. Eilat lives in Cape Town, South Africa and gives workshops and talk all over the world. In this episode we cover: → What have you learned causes most of the problems in our lives? → What makes a choice or decision satisfying or unsatisfying? → Can you teach us how to make decisions that satisfy our head AND our heart AND our spirit? → Why do people-pleasers often find decision-making hard? *** After listening I would love to hear your thoughts on this one! I'm offering my free special mindful meditation practice to bring peace, love, and joy in your life for 2021. Practice today ♡ https://bit.ly/3sl29sz

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