EP 106. How to Allow More Money into Your Life


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Joining me today is Bernadette Gold. She is a Money Mindset and Manifesting Master. She teaches others how to allow more money, love and joy into their lives. She has been a success mentor since 2000. Bernadette specializes in helping Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Intuitives find balance in an energetically loud world. In this episode we cover: → What is the number one myth about money? → What is the real reason people struggle with money? → What is a money story? → Does using affirmations alone change your money story? *** After listening, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Reframing your thoughts and shifting your focus is a deliberate self-care practice that takes time and meditation is part of this. Be a part of my Free 5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge 🧘‍♀️ valery-molone.mykajabi.com/meditation-challenge In this challenge you’ll find friendly guidance and meditation practices to improve your mental health and relieve stress!

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