45. Extra in English! Dejan Vukojicic about skills and motivation in junior development years


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It’s an honor to be able to present Dejan Vukojicic as a guest in this episode. Dejan is a serbian coach who is one of the top coaches in Europé regarding working with junior players during their development years. He have runned his own academy in Belgrade, coached Miomir Kecmanovic during the important ages 9-14 (today top 50 ATP), worked for the Serbian Tennis Association and is today also a part of the organisation Evolve 9, which was founded to help develop and implement junior tennis programs around the world. In this episode we talk about: - why we should focus on evolve, not change, too much - how skills are the important factor in deciding when to move the juniors to the next step in their development phase - how the communication with boys and girls differs - how the Djokovic familiy supported Novak during his yoynger years - What the most important skills are in the different ages during the junior years A super episode and conversation with one of the most educated and experienced coaches I’ve met! Hope you’ll enjoy this episode - Dejan Vukojicic!

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