#75 Peter Kalmus – We need a billion climate activists


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Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist at NASAs Jet propulsion Lab where he uses satellite data and models to study the rapidly changing Earth, focusing on boundary layer clouds and ecological forecasting. He has a PhD in physics from Columbia University and a BA in physics from Harvard. His award-winning book, Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution gives real life solutions to move away from a consumerist lifestyle that isn’t even making us happy. Peter is also the founder of Climate AD, a group of people fighting for a better future, who found each other on Twitter and decided to work together in their spare time to create compelling mainstream ads to wake the international public up to the urgency of climate emergency. I met Peter on Zoom just a few days before the US Election. We talked about why he quit his job as an astrophysicist to become a climate scientist and activist, and completely changed his life style and why it is so important to live as you preach, to gain credibility. He explained why the soft deniers are just as dangerous as the hard deniers and why we need a super strong grass root climate movement and bring the soft deniers into it.

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