There's new Google hardware in the office and we have thoughts


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Google’s new hardware has dominated our site, YouTube channel and podcast for a few weeks now. We had preliminary leaks of the new gadgets followed by a virtual event and now we have the actual hardware in our hands here at the Chrome Unboxed office. If you missed them, we have unboxing videos of both the new Chromecast with Google TV and the new Nest Audio speaker and both items have impressed thus far.

Our podcast this week ends up being an at-length look at these two new pieces of affordable, effective hardware. At $49, the new Chromecast is a no-brainer in the media streaming game and the $99 Nest Audio becomes an easy-to-recommend, full-bodied speaker that won’t hurt your bank account too badly. After having both around and using them for a bit already, we obviously have some thoughts and are excited to share them with our listeners.


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