John Lunn (Composer: Downton Abbey)


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Composer John Lunn has built a career that spans across multiple genres in film and television. For over two decades, John has contributed music to make worlds come alive, carve out characters and inject the emotional core of the story into the narrative.

In this All Access, we caught up with John while he was in town to walk through his career and discuss his approach and philosophies with scoring. John shares his techniques for starting a brand new TV series, as well as how the music can evolve or not evolve across seasons. John also talks about his technique for coming up with a main title theme, and how he tends to write a few episodes worth of music first and let the music speak out to see what melody rises to the top.

We also dive into Downton Abbey, and what the approach was to return to that world with the feature film that takes place after the end of the series. John talks about how working with the same crew and talent made it feel like it was picking back up right where they left off.

John Lunn is one is not only one of the kindest people around, but also a magnificent storyteller. It's an honor to have him on All Access.

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