Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Plan 2 Profit Holiday Marketing Pop-up Podcast


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Episode 1 we ask the question WHY? Why Jacqueline, do you feel we are leaving money on the table? Marketing and Business Strategist, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams brings you to the proverbial table to compel you to stop leaving money on the table and plan to profit with her Holiday Marketing Pop-up Podcast. It is critical that we connect with our customers early and authentically in order to create a snowball effect that outperforms our competitors during the Christmas buying season. Follow this six-week series and get your free tools, resources, and assignments for each episode on Medium. This episode is brought to you by: TaylorAdams Marketing Do Business Online Store • use code: HolidayMKTG to save!BoldSoles Empowerment Footwear www.boldsolesfootwear.comeBiz Travel ebiztravel.netNoir Girl Magic • use code ORIGINALWILDABOUT to save!

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