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Yoga Radio Session #41
In the west, therapy is most often ruled by rigid administrative classifications. It´s either or or neither nor. Anna Johansson from Sweden, living in surfers´ paradise Puerto Escondido on the west coast of Mexico since the early 80´s, combine an intriguing variety of therapeutic methods and schools into her very own mix of psychologic remedies.
So is this a new age-ish breed of mumbo-jumbo? Far from it. Anna is solidly grounded and eons from incense-infested prayers. With a solid knowledge base and education, she’s supporting people in their personal growth and understanding of themselves.
In this pod, we get to know these disciplines and methods, as well as getting insights into the challenging work as a therapist in a country far from the relative stability and calm of the west. How can Anna empower people, teach them techniques and strategies to move on, to feel better and more at ease with themselves?
She’s coping with her intense and long workings hours by taking care of herself through movement in various forms - for example swimming with dolphins.
She also talks about how yoga changed her life and how her everyday life is affected by the violence and corruption in Mexico. There are, as we hear, big differences between Mexico and the west and of course big challenges ahead for the people in the country she loves dearly.
The book Anna talks about as one of her favourites is Don Beck´s “Spiral Dynamics”. Another one is “When God was a woman” by Merlin Stone. And of course she’s seen “Roma” on Netflix and it grows on her.
You can find Anna Johansson on Facebook if you look for the Anna Johansson who lives in Puerto Escondio.
Maybe it was not a coincidence that I met a guy on the plane home to Sweden who read a book by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Well, Mr Jodorowsky is on my reading list too…
Soundtrack: “Consciousness” by DJ Food
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